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Before Afters
Trinity Church
Exchange Place
Blue Rose
Blue Rose
EJ Adam House
Harbour Oaks

Timber Ridge Fairway Dr
Union Quarters
Hancock Bank
Palace in the Pass (VFW)
Harbor View Deli

Chamber of Commerce
St. Paul Church
Twin Oaks Lodge

City Hall
Clark and Second St -- Joe Piernas

Warren & Nanette Mueller  -- 635 Ponce De Leon  --  The Isles

Here is a before and after photo of my house on BeachView in Pass Christian,
The cross street of my house is Everett St that runs alongside the Railroad...
Every house is destroyed to the ground in the BeachVista subdivision.  There is not a structure standing.

Before and After at 309 E. Beach Blvd owned by Jeff and Amy Steiner
Along with my brother Charlie Stewart, we stayed during the hurricane.  We all survived.  Losing the house is very upsetting -- not only because we just finished renovating the house a year ago, but it is the house I grew up in.
Amy  S. Steiner, RN, CPNP, MSN
Director, Clinical Support Services

Middlegate -- Main Residence --- ALL GONE

More on Middlegate Japanese Gardens

Submitted by Greg Iverson who lived at the "Inn By The Sea" at Henderson Point

239 East Second St.

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