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Mother of Mercy
Save our MOM

If Mother of Mercy is demolished, the wrecking crews will be razing one of the few extant historic structures in Pass Christian --- and the oldest church on the Gulf Coast that has remained untouched by renovations.

This would be a bad judgement call and a wrong-doing in light of the fact that if the church is proved structurally sound, it should be preserved.  This is a Landmark worth fighting for.  
Anyone interested in MOM's history click on:  Mother of Mercy.

Erected in 1911 --- Damaged by Katrina in 2005

Front Entrance --- Rear of Church

Photos taken on Sep 20, 2005 show little damages to the church building and to the interior of this historic gem.

Donations Needed:
Donations should be mailed to PO Box 546, Pass Christian, MS 39571 and marked Church, or School, or Cemetery.
Otis Gates, Knights of Peter Claver

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