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Trinity Church
Trinity Church — Pass Christian
Donations Needed:
Please send to Trinity Church - POB 459 - Pass Christian, MS 39571

Extraction from Dan Ellis' book entitled "Trinity and Live Oak"

In the Beginning
      The first church building was a simple, one-room structure of Gothic design with lancet windows and a belfry.  Although the building was not yet complete, a dozen souls made their presence known.  As the congregation grew in numbers, the church was consecrated on July 31, 1851.  
     Through the years, the church structure was considered one of the finest examples of Gothic style in the South — until the night of August 17, 1969 – when it was completely destroyed by Camille.

     In the ensuing days of shock and grief and suffering – from the chaos and ruins, a few items belonging to the church were recovered.  Those were cleaned and repaired and took their place in the re-created structure.  Among the items found was the Celtic cross from the central gable of the Educational Building.  This simple cross of plain wood was hung above the altar in the new church.  —The Cross of Christ in which Old Trinity and New Trinity was one.
Calamity repeats itself!
In the early morning of Monday, August 29, 2005, with greater fury and a more tumultuous Storm Surge, the Gulf waters again spewed forth to destroy the church, but this time leaving a shell and many parts of the former New Trinity strewn throughout by a hurricane called

The Bells and The Lectern

The Corner Marker reads
"The present structures erected to the Glory of God 1971"

Stained Glass shards and the Fountain as reminders for Recovery

As Rev. Chris Colby reviews the destruction.
Services immediately resumed at his home the following Sunday!

Donations Needed:
Please send to Trinity Church - POB 459 - Pass Christian, MS 39571

Young Volunteers perform cleaning and some construction as well as salvaging of inventory items.  They camp out on the church grounds in small tents.

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