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Pass Sep 5

Russell's station with Flag
Russells in back, Martin's Hardware in front
Second Street view west off Davis
2nd Street Andressens, view east off Davis Ave
Second St
Second St
2nd St -- Tank next to Tennis Courts
Second St looking west from Fleitas ave
War Memorial Park from Second St
War Memorial Park
Second St
Second St Survivors
Beach Avenue
Birds that Fly -- make their return.
Davis Ave Lucio's Mex Rest at left
Davis Ave across from Billy Bourdin plumbing
Hillyer House at the Beach
Scenic Drive
Scenic Dr
Scenic Dr
541 E Scenic Dr
533 E Scenic Dr -- Markle House
419 E Beach -- Barksdale House
419 E Beach -- Barksdale House
403 E Beach -- Griffon House

Natures Fury
Natures Glory
Hwy 90 and Scenic blended into one of Debris
A couple camped out the day after the Storm
Dixie White House Marker torn by Katrina
Broken Streets, Broken Hearts

Some pictures taken by Edie Yarborough Sullivan a few days after Hurricane Katrina of Pass Christian, MS

Some pictures taken by "Wendy Erichsen". My folks still live there and survived Hurricane Katrina. I currently live with my family: hubby, 4 kids, dog, and various other pets in North Carolina. We try to get to the Pass as much as we can.  http://rmartin.smugmug.com/
Ronald Martin  --- Blazingimage.com

History of Pass Christian